Former Torrance Mayor’s Bronzed Frog Draws Ire of Coastal Residents; Frog’s Fate in City Council Hands

frogthumbTORRANCE (Losanjealous):: Former Mayor Dan Walker assumed things were all shored up once he agreed to pay for the costs associated with the installation of a 300-lb. bronzed frog he donated to the city with a stipulation that it be placed in Miramar Park, according to today’s Daily Breeze cover story:

Called “Dreaming of the Kiss,” the sculpture is an early work by Sedona, Ariz.-based artist Kim Kori, who specializes in charming sculptures of small animals with human attributes. Only 16 of this particular piece were cast and one recently sold for $30,000.

Not everyone in the sprawling seaside community is hopped up over the smug, arms-crossed, fully bronzed former tadpole and potential park resident (pictured), however, including Vista Bahia Home Owners Association President Chris Alan Michalski:

“While beautiful, it belongs in an appropriate environment where all may understand and appreciate its merits,” Michalski [said]. “That place is not at the beach.”

Former Mayor Dan Walker isn’t taking the fight over the fused-coccyx bronzed jumper lying down:

“I’m taken aback by the objections,” he said. “I can’t understand someone objecting to an absolutely magnificent piece of artwork. If this is turned down, I’ll take my frog and go home.”

The corrosion-resistant amphibian’s fate will be determined at the October 19 meeting of the Torrance City Council. Full story @ Daily Breeze.

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PHOTO: Former Mayor Dan Walker’s Bronzed Frog Original Image Source by Chuck Bennett, Staff Photographer, Daily Breeze