Lucha VaVOOM Returns to Mayan This Week

Lucha VaVOOM Returns to Mayan This Week

Lucha VaVOOM @ Mayan Wed Oct 28
Lucha VaVOOM @ Mayan Thu Oct 29

Last Halloween, a friend came into work raving about a party that featured Mexican Wrestling and Burlesque. My immediate reaction: Who spiked the punch bowl?

Thus began my fascination with Lucha VaVOOM, the cult theater sensation that co-creator Rita D’Albert touts as being “unabashedly LA.” The show is back on it’s home stage at the Mayan Theatre in Downtown this Wednesday and Thursday, October 28th and 29th. Titled “Creature Feature,” this raucous brand of sexo y violencia is sure to make you think twice about the phrase trick or treat.

The playbill and tix are available at Losanjealous will be on hand to witness the spooky spectacle so check back for a review, video, and photos from the show. Official show flyer after the jump.


TOP: Lucha VaVOOM @ Mayan Feb ’08 photo by Pam

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