End of Day Odds & Ends: Gold Line “Robbers,” NYT on MJ Dispute, Dog Fighting Hotline, BMW Bandits & Apron Style

As we close in on Miller Time around these parts, here’s a round up of a few of the day’s top stories that for one reason or another your humble editors considered–but ultimately rejected–for individual posts today.

Authorities search for robbers who made a Gold Line getaway
God bless, The News. Never one to let the small details of the story pass up a good catchy alliterative headline. If you actually read the story, you will see that the crime was a stolen cellphone. Not to down play it if it was your phone that was swiped, but with the breathless headlines of robbers on this you’d think it was a bank heist or something big.

Disputes Continue Over Jackson Estate and Public Memorial
NYT finally jumps into the mix to solve our Michael Jackson funeral costs debacle. First comment out of the box about sums it up:

PLEASE (Yes-I’m screaming) Can we stop talking about this family? Yikes.
— Francine

DA announces new tool to combat dog fighting
FINALLY, a 24-hour dog fighting hot line. (877) NO-2-FITE. HOW many times have I witnessed a dog fight at 4 a.m. and thought if only there was a number I could call to stop this dog fight. Standing $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of individuals involved in dog fighting. Cock fighting is still OK.

Prolific ’BMW bandits’ steal parts from more than 50 luxury cars on the Westside
Wait a minute… Something’s not right here…. BMW’s? On the Westside? What are the odds?

Aprons are no longer for the matronly
And, on the lighter side, Sabrina Enayatulla, our favorite LA Muslim Women’s Style Examiner, breaks it down for us on aprons.