“The Grim Sleeper” Serial Killer Official Police Sketch (UPDATED)

Sketch We’re sure you’ve all already made your daily stop over at TheGrimSleeper.com, your #1 Grim Sleeper resource on the Web, what with all the renewed interest in the case, but we just got turned onto it.

They have created a unique composite sketch of what the suspect may look like today, some 20 years after the released drawing of the suspect, assembled from 1988 witness accounts.

Whether or not this alternate rendering is actually helpful or merely obfuscates the search, remains to be seen. Perhaps the unflattering sketch is a shot at his vanity and he steps forward to show us all how well he has actually aged.

UPDATED 11/25: The updated sketch rendering has been taken down to avoid any potential confusion in the case. We’ll keep up the original for the time being. Keep an eye on TheGrimSleeper.com for the latest on the case.

Serial killers are such a bummer, so let’s lighten the mood with this never-not-funny classic screenshot of KABC’s Mark Brown:

Mark Brown

(If you or someone you know photographed this widely-circulated classic Mark Brown TV screenshot, please write in, we’d like to hear the story behind it and give you proper credit.)