End of Day Odds & Ends: Aerialist Injured, Dead Resurrected, Busey Disrespected, Ninjas Dissected

Hunky Santa

As we close in on Miller Time around these parts, here’s a round up of a few of the day’s top stories that for one reason or another your humble editors considered–but ultimately rejected–for individual posts today.

Aerialist Injured at Beverly Center

Our condolences to the injured aerialist. (Watch for my new band, coincidentally, also called Injured Aerialists. We kind of sound like late-early Radiohead.) Let us join in the chorus–the Hunky Santa and the Candy Cane Girls show must go on! And, apparently, it will, this Friday.

BuseyGrindhouse Re-Release of ’Evil Dead’ Coming to Nuart in March

Never really got the allure of grindhouse (or Bruce Campbell for that matter), but we guess this might be a big deal to those that are into it.

Busey Named ’Unsexiest Star in Hollywood’

Losanjealous LLC and its affiliates and partners certainly does not corroborate the message of this award, nor does wish to upset Mr. Busey and have him come looking for us.

An Open Letter To The Producers of Ninja Assassin

A compelling argument, but we would ask if you really mean this:

I want you to go back and make a better ninja film.

Please–be careful what you ask for.