Yes! Lamborghini Opens Fashion Store in Topanga

Lambo patrol
PHOTO: AP shot of a Lambo caravan in Santa Monica yesterday, grabbed from the Telegraph.

Guys! How often have we watched jealously out of the corners of our eyes as some cool guy sporting sweet Lamborghini gear at the club is winning over the ladies with his style while we stand there muttering to ourselves like chumps with our Dockers and our Coors Lights? Am I right, fellas? Meanwhile, Mr. Lamborghini is holding court at a back table with a bevy of ladies with his Lamborghini polo shirt, Lamborghini sunglasses and Lamborghini driving gloves on, indoors, at night. Ladies can’t HELP but to come over and flock to the Lambo logo. Where does he get that cool gear? Italy?!

Now, finally, we too, can get our own Lamborghini gear at the new Automobili Lamborghini Boutique at Westfield Topanga shopping center, reports Just wait until I hit up the club with my Lamborghini cap, Lamborghini sweater, Lamborghini lanyard around my neck and pull out $15 from my Lamborghini wallet. Oh, it’s ON!

You can check out a selection of the Lambo goods that are available over at the Lamborghini online store if, for some reason, you may not be headed to Topanga today.

Imagine yourself in this sexy 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex button-down number:


Now imagine two ladies–a blonde and a brunette or a blonde and a red-head (up to you)–one on each arm. Am I right, fellas?

Also available, Lamborghini baby gear:

Baby Lambo