Humanitarian Bowl Wants the Bruins

Humanitarian BowlApparently, the Humanitarian Bowl wants UCLA football . First off, did anyone know this was an actual bowl game? Remember that Seinfeld when George made up that fake charity and called it “The Human Fund”? The name kind of conjures that a bit. Further investigation finds the full name is the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl. From Roady’s website:

Roady’s Truck Stops is the nation’s largest chain of truck stops, catering to the professional driver and traveling motorist in 45 states with 400+ retail locations.

So, if offered it, do they take the bid or stay home? If the Bruins accept and take the game, but then lose the damn Humanitarian Bowl to a presumably weak opponent–remember the Silicon Valley Classic loss to Fresno State in ’03–that would be a truly lousy ending to a mediocre season. Sometimes you should just stay home and cut your losses. Literally.