Morning Randoms: NCIS: LA, Farewell J.P., Avatar 3-D in the Dome, Vibrant Bars


Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J bring the buddy cop show back with “NCIS: Los Angeles”

Now that it’s a bona fide hit and getting AP feature articles, let us say we have not overlooked this new stupefying, impossibly terrible Los Angeles based show. When they least expect it, we’ll be there to throw our rotten tomatoes at this turkey, count on it.

Chicago White Sox acquire Juan Pierre in trade with Los Angeles Dodgers

Going to miss J.P. in the Blue, looking like a kid, with his high socks and huge jersey top. Not the strongest arm in the outfield but never dogged it and always hustled. A reliable bat and solid overall offensive catalyst. The more Manny disappoints, the more J.P. will be missed.

Legendary ArcLight Cinemas’ Cinerama Dome and XpanD Team Up to Present Avatar, The Ultimate 3D Cinema Experience

Since its inception in 1963, the iconic Cinerama Dome has never played a movie in 3D format as it was considered technically impossible. XpanD, the world’s leading 3D technology provider, being the most efficient and technology suitable 3D cinema choice with the capability to accommodate a screen size of 32 x 86 feet and to project digital 3D on a giant curved dome, managed to bridge the historical technical 3D challenge.

OpenTable Announces 2009 Diners’ Choice Awards for Restaurants with the Most Vibrant Bar Scenes

Hal’s Bar & Grill (Venice), Mucho (Manhattan Beach), O-Bar Restaurant (West Hollywood) & Rush Street (Culver City) make the list. Haven’t been to a single one of these. Any good?