TumblrDiving™: “Why I Love Ikea”

IKEA Heights from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

Why I Love Ikea from Wipe Your Feet (tesslynch.tumblr.com)

“The thing about Ikea that I have had to keep reminding myself is this: it is not the place to get things like desks, media centers, portable closets, or anything you have to assemble. I recognize that this is the point of Ikea, but most of these things (not all, but many) end up ruining your life for 48 hours while you struggle to read the directions, which are all in the Ikean language, and you get so frustrated that you cry sometimes. Then, after all your labors are done, you’re left with a white posterboard desk that wiggles and wobbles even when it’s just got a laptop and a pencil on its laminate top.”


TumblrDiving™ may or may not become a recurring feature, probably at the end random days, wherein we spotlight and link a find from Tumblr, leaning to those based in Los Angeles