Improv Everywhere Jackasses Set for No Pants Metro Ride This Sunday, January 10

Improv Everywhere Jackasses Set for No Pants Metro Ride This Sunday, January 10

No Pants

Los Angeles Metro is lucky enough to be included for the second year the Global No Pants Subway Ride going on this Sunday, January 10th at 2 pm.

As usual, it’s put on by Improv Everywhere, who famously conducted one of the cruelest pranks ever pulled on an unsuspecting target back in 2004, which they call “Best Gig Ever”. (Later documented by This American Life.)

We just want to help get the word out there on the No Pants Ride so no one thinks these mass sudden movements on crowded public transit are some kind of coordinated terrorist plot. With all this “Underwear Bomber” stuff going on these days, days you can never be too sure. Some meathead sitting next you on the train might try to be a hero and go all “Let’s Roll!” on your ass. Or even worse, a jumpy subway cop might just shoot you as you whip off your belt (looking at you, Mexico City).

Here are the Los Angeles participation instructions if you are so inclined. We’ll go ahead and paste them below as well.


WHAT: 2nd Annual No Pants Metro Ride
WHEN: Sunday, January 10th, 2010 at 2:00 PM
WHERE: Metro System
BRING: $5 for Metro Day Pass, pants you can easily take off, something in which to keep them

This mission is pretty self-explanatory: we ride the subway just as anyone would on any given normal day, just without pants. (Note that this is NO PANTS, not NO UNDERWEAR day. Wouldn’t want anyone arrested for indecent exposure!)

The main train ride will begin with the 2:22pm Westbound Red Line at Union Station. If your birthday is between July 1st and and September 30th, board this train. If your birthday is between April 1st and June 30th, board the train that leaves the Civic Center at 2:24pm. If the month of your birthday is between October 1st and December 31st, board the train at Pershing Square at 2:25pm or if it’s between January 1st and March 31st, board at the Metro Center at 2:27pm. We will disembark at Hollywood and Highland, and take it from there.

In list format:

Range in which your birthday falls – Board at this station – Train Leaves Station

July-September – Union Station – 2:22pm
April-June – 1st St./Civic Center – 2:24pm
October December – 5th St./Pershing Square – 2:25pm
January-March – 7th St./Metro Center – 2:27pm