Approved Sandwich: Ahi Tuna Sandwich, Swingers


Not feeling like the wait at a packed Bay Cities for my usual Godmother, I popped into Swingers two doors down on Lincoln. I tend to think of Swingers as reliable diner eats, if not particularly special. Hit a counter spot and went in for the Ahi Sandwich (“seared ahi tuna steak, red leaf lettuce, pickled ginger, bean sprouts, and spicy wasabi mayo on toasted pumpenickel”). $9.95 with a side, tortilla soup in this case. It did me right. Admittedly, this one is right on the edge of the dreaded cute/overpriced/unsatisfying cliff I tend to fall over and get burned, but managed to stay on the good side. Tasty with a decent cut of ahi, done nicely rare, and, comparing that Godmother at $8, not a terribly bad value. I’ll leave comment on the service at Swingers for another time.