Lost Season 6, Episode 1: “LA X”–Just a Few General Complaints, Not a Full Recap


I admitted my expectations for the new season were unreasonable, so a let down was inevitable. I’m just not feeling the heavy mystical tone on which it seems the Island story is going to end. Reincarnations, manifestations, resurrections, all that crap. It’s just not nearly as compelling as the time travel theoretical (faux) science stuff, to me at least. (Remember back when it was theorized that the Smoke Monster might even be a swarm nanobots?)

On the narrative level, I guess we are looking a Schrodinger’s Cat or Many Worlds (thanks to your dad, E.) set up–with the parallel realities, simultaneous Island/Los Angeles narratives, which at some point will braid together and resolve. Personally, I’d be happy moving the whole story off the damn island for good already. (It’d be fun to see them run around Los Angeles for a while.) And this Genghis Khan-looking dude above, apparently a character of some heavy significance, showing up at this late stage of the game is just an annoying stalling tactic. It’s like a like a new video game boss showing up after you thought you had the game beat.

P.S. Can’t ABC get some quality CGI at this stage? That underwater composite shot looked like some kid knocked that out on iMovie on a Mac.