They Let Shannon Dunk; Shannon Lets Us Down

Shannon BrownWas that it? After all the hype–including my ownthat was it?

If you cared at all, you know by now that Shannon Brown failed to advance out of the first round of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. 5-foot-something Nate Robinson won for a 3rd straight year, subsequently (thankfully) announcing his retirement. DeMar DeRozan, straight out of Compton (and USC) had a solid showing, going up against Nate in the final round.

Two relatively conservative dunks just wasn’t going to do it for Shannon. And if you bring out a Kobe Bryant to assist, you don’t just have him stand there and lob you a softball to dunk. Hell, I could have done that much.

The frustrating thing is his old McDonald’s High School All American slam dunk appearance from back in 2003 (where he would lose to some guy named LeBron) arguably showed more skill and creativity. As well as his funny-looking cornrow hair style. It’s here in some lousy quality 2003-era YouTube.

Clip of his two middling dunks from this past weekend below, should you want to relive the non-magic.