Barney's Burgers, Santa Monica: Hickory Burger

Barney’s Burgers, Santa Monica: Hickory Burger


Oops, I did it again. Another cute, overpriced $10 burger that doesn’t fully satisfy. Last time it was Colony Cafe. This time: Barney’s Burgers in the Brentwood Country Mart. (Reddi Chick isn’t open on Sundays.) The innards of this one–the “Hickory Burger” off the “Gourmet Burgers” section–were actually solid: nice steaky tasting patty cooked a decent medium rare, nice mound of bacon (too much, really, if such a thing is possible). But the big bready, crumbly, cold bun and gobs of plain (I’m guessing store-bought) BBQ sauce derailed it. Should have ordered this bad boy protein style. Not that even then it would be worth the tenner. Overall: C+.