A Mint Julep Recipe: Losanjealous Break Room Bar Concoctions

Alright. Wrapping up the week here, waiting for Oscar to take the decks and spin the new Dead Weather Sea of Cowards LP online here and getting a little thirsty. It is Derby weekend after all, so let’s see if we can whip up a Mint Julep from what we have on hand:

Knob Creek-Half a fifth of Knob Creek from Ron’s desk
–Bunch of mint leaves from my window herb garden.
–Club soda (seltzer not on hand)
–9 stale Splenda packets from the back of Bill DeMarco’s vacated locker

Bearing in mind, the Losanjealous Break Room Bar does not have a muddler on hand, we had to improvise with a spork found in the break room. It turned out to be a good thing to pulverize the mint outside the shaker by itself, using the spork. Most will throw mint and sugar grains together and pound that, pesto-style, utilizing the sugar as an abrasive to break down the leaves and so they all stick to the bottom of the glass. But then this leaves you unable to adjust the drink easily if it winds up too minty or too sweet and honestly, I don’t mind if a little mint floats in the drink.

Toss the Splenda in a mug with a few squirts of the hot water spigot of the 3rd floor H20 cooler (Ryan has yet to replace the bottle on the 1st floor cooler that he polished off) and mix that with a spork handle until you get a sort of simple syrup. Doesn’t dissolve perfectly, but has a kind of passable TheraFlu floating grittiness.

I admit the Knob Creek is a solid if obvious mid-shelf option, but we save the Eagle Rare 17-yr for special occasions. Now to build it up in a glass:

–About a rounded sporkfull of mint mulch mess
–Couple sporkfuls of Simple Splenda sorta-syrup, give or take
–3 cubes of ice
–2 fingers Knob Creek
–Top off with soda

Any good? Ehh… Good enough for 4:45 on a Friday.