Quick Bite at the Lardon Food Truck

Quick Bite at the Lardon Food Truck

So I found myself at my usual Tuesday night hang, the Sherman Oaks Guitar Center, which I hit up to lay down some sweet licks right after hitting up The Infield for their $2 dog Tuesdays.

LardonAfter I get kicked out of the G.C., I come out onto Ventura to find that the newish Lardon bacon-centric food truck is parked just down the block. Figured since I only had three dogs at The Infield, I had room try something light from Lardon. I went with the B.L.T., the eponymous “Lardon” sandwich itself.

It was adequate enough sustenance for $6. But to me, came up short on achieving that Transcendent B.L.T. Effect (T.B.L.T.E.) one can get from a perfect B.L.T. Where leavened bread, seared beast flesh, ripe vegetable and mayonnaise, representing the grains, greens, wild animals and mayonnaise of Mother Gaia, conspire in a toasty, cool, savory unified taste and texture harmony. In your mouth.

The bacon itself was top-notch (high-end boutique stuff from Nueske’s) except that at only two lean strips, it feels like more of a cameo appearance than a starring role in this creation. Personally, I’d take a dip on the quality to double down on the quantity. (That probably says something about me.) And to my unrefined palette, the blue cheese is a discordant note in this sandwich that honks out of tune. The B.L.T. purists among us may even argue that cheese has no place within a B.L.T.

Lardon is just a couple of months old so there’s plenty of time for growth and tweaking. Or I could just try something else on the menu next time.