New Decemberists Agenda Items: NPR live-stream Now, Autumn de Wilde Poloroid Porfolio Exhibit, Late Night Talk Show Performance

DecemberistsItem One. Please be advised that at 1200hrs PST today, Wednesday 19 January, The esteemed Decemberists will be “live” on “the Internet” on, performing musical numbers from their brand-new recording, The King Is Dead. Depress this link to listen and/or view.

Item Two. Genius LA-based photographer Autumn de Wilde took thousands of Poloroids of the band during the album’s recording sessions. One original Poloroid is included in each of 2,500 limited edition versions of the album release. The Impossible Project provided de Wilde with some of the last remaining original Polaroid film stock for the project. 50 of the photos will be presented in exhibition at the Impossible Project (425 Broadway) for our NYC friends from January 26 to February 29 . Autumn and the band will be in person at the exhibition’s opening on opening night.

Item Three. While I am personally disinclined to advise anyone to turn into “Leno” for any reason, in the event you should choose to tune in yourself, be advised said band are playing that particular program tomorrow, 20 January. If memory serves, the musical guest usually performs close to the end of the show, so tuning in at ~12:20am should safely miss most of Leno’s attempts at comedy.