Fingerprints Records Opens In New Long Beach Locale

Long Beach residents rejoice: Fingerprints has fully moved from the shore to their new digs in the ambiguously-centered-around-First-and-Linden “Downtown Arts District” … and is now open for business, with great live shows lined up per usual. From Rand, in the inbox today:

With a crackle and a pop we dropped the needle on Sparklehorse’s debut album, Vivedixiesubmarinetransmissionplot this morning, and with that, we are calling this soft-opening official.

For those who’ve missed the last couple of emailers, we moved off of 2nd St this past weekend. It was a tough decision, but we feel pretty confident that once you see the new space it will all make sense. Our new address is 420 E. 4th St, in the Art’s District of Downtown Long Beach. For the old-timers, it’s the old Lyon’s Art Supply space.

We’ve been moving stuff out of the old place since Friday and it’s feeling really good in the new space. We quietly opened on Tuesday, after getting our final inspection. Our first sale was the debut record from the Blasters, and I seriously cannot think of any album we could have sold that would have made me happier.

We’ll be having a series of “grand-opening parties” over the next few weeks, including a performance from Men tonight, Korey Dane on Saturday, and upcoming music events with ALO, and G. Love. We’ve also scheduled a book signing for a book about Andi Watson (who did the stage and lighting design for Radiohead). There are several other items in the works that we can’t announce yet, but read below for the details on the ones we can talk about now, visit when you can, and be happy we aren’t shoveling snow.

It is important that I send a special thank you out to everyone who pitched in to help us move. It was an incredible experience to have so many friends come out to help, we truly could not have pulled this off without your help. Thank you from the top all the way down.

Last updated in September, it would appear the store’s official website has yet to be moved – so here’s the upcoming schedule for those of you not on the mailing list:

» Men (tonight)
» Korey Dane (Saturday 5 Feb)
» Bulletproof (I Wish I Was) – Book Signing (Feb 11) (Radiohead lighting/set designer)