Introducing Losanjealous Custom Text Ads

Let Losanjealous help you maximize the impact of your advertising investments. By popular demand we now offer custom text ad placements. Our rate card couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Each character costs the dollar equivalent of its Scrabble tile value per day. For instance the word “Losanjealous” would cost $21 (Lx1 Ox1 Sx1 Ax1 Nx1 Jx10 Ex1 Ax1 Lx1 Ox1 Ux1 Sx1).
  2. Character counts for each letter must not exceed the number of available tiles for those letters within Scrabble. A custom text ad for Pizzeria Mozza would be refused on this basis.
  3. You may use two blank tiles, of course
  4. Linked text will be considered a double word score
  5. Minimum word score is 5

Contact your Losanjealous advertising rep today to get started!