Harry Perry Potentially Relegated to 10x8 Harassment Zone

Harry Perry Potentially Relegated to 10×8 Harassment Zone

I’m reading the Argonaut @ lunch today and I discover they’re shrinking the performance zones in my old stomping ground. The beach madness is being curtailed, and that can’t be good: Since the lottery went into effect March 1st, street performers, who used to have few space restrictions, now have to limit their shows to a 20-foot-wide by eight-foot-deep marked area.

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Rub Your Freedom In The Terrorists' Collective Face

Rub Your Freedom In The Terrorists’ Collective Face

Unfortunately, supermarket parking lot tin shack fireworks are illegal within the city limits of Los Angeles proper. So where can one legally blow some shit up in their driveway to ring in the 4th?

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It Wasn't a Rock, It Was a Rock Langostino

It Wasn’t a Rock, It Was a Rock Langostino

Lisa Marie Meier of Los Angeles is suing Rubio’s, claiming the fast food chain deceived her when she purchased a $6 lobster burrito that actually contained langostino, a cheaper shrimp-like shellfish. The lawsuit, filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeks class action status on behalf of all consumers who have bought a lobster burrito or lobster taco at Rubio’s.

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Poor Man's Laserium @ Machine Project Sunday/Monday-ish

Poor Man’s Laserium @ Machine Project Sunday/Monday-ish

If you’re suffering from Griffith Park Laserium withdrawal, Machine Project will create their own psychedelic light show, The Fourth of Doom, set to music late Sunday night.

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#399's a Joke

#399’s a Joke

On Friday, the MTA will introduce #399, a non-emergency cell phone number motorists can use for roadside assistance on Los Angeles County freeways. It’s anticipated that #399 will reduce the burden on the 911 emergency system which the overly-dramatic seem to be calling whenever they run out of gas or get a flat.

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