The Chicken Boy Resurrection Project

The CB on Figueroa St project has a fiscal receiver–so donations can be tax-deductible but funds have to go thru the “North Figueroa Association” and has to be really specifically marked as a donation for Chicken Boy. What would be the easiest way to set this up? Regular donations can be made more directly. I’m attaching a mini-catalog of merch I’m hawking for the cause too.

Make a reservation to have Gary Leonard take your picture with Chicken Boy’s head. This is a fundraiser for the Chicken Boy on Figueroa St project (helping to raise the mucho moolah needed to put Mr Boy up on the roof). For $99, you (and anyone else you want) will have your picture taken by LA-famous photographer Gary Leonard, and receive a 5×7 signed print (order extra prints directly from Gary). This is a tax-deductible contribution (our fiscal agent is the North Figueroa Assocation; checks are made out to them, specifying that it’s for the Chicken Boy project). Send an email to receive more info as it’s available.

BTW, a Chicken Boy mini-catalog is attached. All proceeds will go the CB project. There is also information about tax-deductible donations. Steel beams and graffiti-coating don’t come cheap, so we invite you to Think Chicken Boy next time you need to gift.

He IS the stature of liberty of Los Angeles

Big late-breaking Chicken Boy news:
Amy bought a commerical building and got the zoning to put Chicken Boy back together and get him back up on a rooftop where he belongs.

Download the Chicken Boy Mini-Catalog

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