Clap Your Hands Say No-Show

UPDATE: CYHSY management replied, saying UCLA dropped the ball:

blame ucla…we showed up ready to play and they had neglected to get the instruments the band needed to play….the band came early and was psyched to play, not our fault!

Drummer Sean Greenhalgh also sent his condolences

So sorry about today. There was some misscomunication with UCLA about gear. We definitely wanted to rock, but had no equipment on which to do so. We are definitely going to try and make it up in the spring on our way back through. I hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience.

As did singer Alec Ounsworth

we showed up to find that there was no backline (amplifiers, drums, etc.) which we were to have been provided so there was no way we could have done the show…hopefully we can come back to do a show there soon.

Photos and review from today’s free Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show at UCLA’s Westwood Plaza:

1145am: Meet Victor on campus. Holy Hotties Galore! Future Miss Octobers at all angles. Damn I miss being on campus. And damn I feel like a lecherous old man suddenly

1147am: I spy soundboard and monitors but no sign of instruments or mics on makeshift stage

1150am-1209pm: In-between class foot traffic rush hour ensues

1210pm: In-between class traffic dwindles to a disinterested trickle

1215pm: White cargo truck lumbers up to the stage. Driver stops to talk to the crew for a bit and then abruptly pulls an about-face, peels out and splits the scene

pack it up pack it up

1219pm: Word on the street: They’d forgotten the drum kit. Show is suddenly and unceremoniously yanked, leaving upwards of two dozen students dismayed

1221pm: Victor is accosted by Daily Bruin reporter, presumably for quote material regarding disappointment over no-show. Keep eyes peeled for pull quotes

1225pm: Make for Westwood Village’s Shack Row. Enjoy delicious, cheap-as-all-hell lunch. Horoscopes provided by LA X…Press

shack row eat it up
1pm: Check out the ongoing construction of Jean Prouve’s Tropical House inside the Hammer Atrium. Cool stuff

120pm: Buy sweet pair of kicks at Urban Outfitters. $29

prouve’s tropical house, Hammer atrium

Parting note to CYHSY management UCLA Campus Events: You’ll receive my faxed invoice for $8 on-campus parking in a few minutes. Thank you in advance for taking care of it.