Lanois to Play Spaceland For Less Than the Price of a Jack and Coke at Fonda

Late addition to the week’s music calendar. This just appeared in my inbox: Daniel Lanois will be opening Thursday’s night of music at Spaceland for a meager $8. Set begins promptly at 9pm. There are three other bands on the bill, but do you really care who they are? Get ya tix now. A quick peek at his website also shows him being in Pioneertown near Joshua Tree on Friday. I must admit that’d be a fitting place to see the Acadian Canadian. I may consider dumping my Slum Village tix and making the trek to the high desert.

LA Weekly had a nice, albeit brief, writeup with the man prior to his Tortoise collaboration last month. (Side note: Is it just me, or does he look a hell of a lot like Neil Diamond prepping to belt out Cherry Cherry in that photo?) It’s interesting to read his take on Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy sessions in that article. Dylan himself devoted a very lengthy section of his autobiography to the stress of making that album. My favorite part may have been when Lanois allegedly turned into a raging asshole, swinging a dobro guitar over his head, smashing the hell out of it on the studio floor and sending some poor assistant home in tears. You can’t make this stuff up. Unless, of course, you’re Bob Dylan.

In the same Weekly article, it’s always nice to see the laundry list of avant-gardies Lanois has worked with…Eno…Michael Brook…Harold Budd. I just saw Budd perform at Barnsdall last Sunday. Not a bad show, but a shame Lanois didn’t jump up on stage to smash the hell out of a few guitars, sing Cherry Cherry and send us all home in tears (or, at the least, wake us the hell up).

She got the way to move me, Cherry
She got the way to groove me
She got the way to move me
She got the way to groove me