Culinary Musings: Back Home In Lahaina

culinary musingsi really like hawaiin food. which means that i like eggs and spam. the occasional moco loco with the hamburger patties is good. the macaroni salad is full of mayo, but it’s not so bad with the food as well as the ramen cabbage salad that just screams hawaiin. the chicken appetizers are pretty tasty as well. this one is located in the southbay, i forget exactly where, but it’s off rosecrans and south. you see if on the way to sharkeez.

it is in the southbay, i think it closed down due to a rat problem as my friends from the southbay told me sometime in 2002. oh wait, that one on rosecrans was called the loft then lahaina, now there is another hawaiin place called “back home at lahaina” which also uses a lot of spam, bacon, and lots of crazy meaty fried rice. and this one in on sepulveda, south of rosecrans, close to the target in manhattan beach, i can get the address if i did some research.

(Mair may or may not be referring to this restaurant. – ed.)