Culinary Musings: Urth Caffe

Culinary Musings by Mac and Cheese MairUrth caffe
Three locations in losanjealous: west hollywood,
beverly hills, santa monica

Urth Caffe is very losanjealous, but no one would be jealous of their Mac and Cheese because it just stinks. Not literally in the sense that it smells like bleu cheese, but it’s not good. I should have figured that Urth had nothing on Violet when I saw that the Mac and Cheese was on the kid’s menu, but come on, it is Urth Caffe, the purveyor of overpriced sandwiches*. I like eating organic food except when it has no taste.

The best part of the meal was the strawberry and banana plate which I gladly devoured, maybe they complement the bland and tasteless Mac and Cheese with fruit to cleanse the pallet and convince it to think that the sweet and savory combination only enhances the light (aka non existent) flavor of the food.

I don’t remember what the other girls ordered, but I thankfully ordered some Manhattan Clam Chowder which was better than the Mac and Cheese, but still was nothing special, the flavor and consistency of the soup was similar to canned minestrone. (minestrone:chowder? …ed)

The time I went right before I tried the Mac and Cheese I had a wonderful salad accompanying my sandwich, the salad alone with the vinegarette was bitter, but the addition of three candied walnuts made the salad awesome! I wonder if it would break to bank to add four candied walnuts or heck, even five. More candied walnuts was desired but I dealt with all I was given, and it was still good.

*Overpriced because I ordered a simple sandwich and just paid for the meal for me and a friend, a week later I went back to Urth for another gathering and looked and the menu to realize that I paid $12.95 for a simple sandwich that consisted of cheese, tomatoes and grilled peppers.

Overall I love looking at the dessert case and I consider the food okay. It is great to eat organic, healthy, made from scratch foods that are filled with love, but of the few times (roughly six or seven) I have dined at Urth, I never find myself craving anything there.