Advent of the RedCold®

Advent of the RedCold®


This is a RedCold®. Some vendors sell RedHotsâ„¢. Victor and I bought two alleged “RedHotsâ„¢” outside the Wiltern LG prior to the Wolf Parade concert, 25 August 2006. $7 total. The man was ’all out of baconwrapped™’ so we opted for the RedHotsâ„¢ (second vendor hadn’t set up shop yet). After purchase we noticed the warmer burners were not lit. Said alleged RedHotâ„¢ was easily one of the worst, coldest food items I’ve ever charged. I still ate the thing, don’t get me wrong…but it was bad news. Red…Cold.

Fortunately the taco truck outside the Ktown market at 5th had our backs and we were properly sated.

Following the concert I watched a man purchase a RedCold®, eat two bites, turn his nose up, look at me and proceed to balance it delicately atop the shorty outside the Wiltern LG, where it was then captured via RAZR™. Introducing: The RedCold® by Stefane Monzon.

Losanjealous Victor presents Stefane Monzon’s RedCold®: A View From Above for your consideration