Win Massive Attack and TVOTR @ Hollywood Bowl Tix...Immediately

Win Massive Attack and TVOTR @ Hollywood Bowl Tix…Immediately

mezzanineThat’s right me friends this giveaway is happening right. Now. Right now! We need to overnight you a pair of actual hardcopy tickets. So… you need to enter the contest right now. The concert is Sunday.

UPDATE: We have our winner. Congrats, EMILY! Thank you all for playing. Any entries sent in following this announcement will be forwarded to the Scientology mailing list courtesy Mailbot6000.

Massive Attack. They had to cancel Toronto, Montreal, Detroit and Chicago, but lucky you, they’ve got their visas sorted out and they will be at the Bowl this weekend. I saw them two years ago in the UK and I must say they were mesmerising. They came onstage with Horace Andy in front of freaky backdrop of LCD lights and dove straight into the first few songs off Mezzanine. Basically just what you want, let’s face it. As an added bonus, they had the good sense not to play that shitty Doors cover from Protection. Here’s hoping you have a similar experience at the bowl this Sunday. NYC’s TV on the Radio opens. Good lord. That’s a lineup-and-a-half™.

Goddammit. Mezzanine is so damn good. Back in the age of CDs one of my ex-roommates stole it and I had to re-buy it.

To enter, send your full name and mailing address to Make sure you’ll be in town! The drawing is at noon today. Remember: Mailbot6000 cannot process Massive Attack entries without your mailing address. If you do not remember to include your mailing address, you are fucking disqualified.

The gambler in me says both Horace and Liz Fraser will turn out, but don’t hold me to it. We’ll announce a winner at noon. A few tickets are still available for purchase as of press time.