Spidey For Sale

SpideyToday’s the day folks…the Indie Rock-Laden™ Spider-Man 3 Soundtrack is officially now on sale. Spidey is back, his suit is trying to eat him, and the Flaming Lips and the Walkmen are along for the ride. Likely you already knew this because you read Pitchfork and Stereogum.

“What the hell does this release date mean to the average Angeleno?” I hear you asking. Take heart, true believers. At the end of the day it means three things:

  1. It means great music!
  2. It means something to have Kirsten Dunst sign when you see her at the next el rey show smoking ciggies nonstop!
  3. Perhaps most importantly it means the continued proliferation of bootleg Spidey-themed toys being hawked at Venice Beach and the downtown Broadway shopping district. My favorite Fake Spidey is actually a tie between “SPADER-MAN” and “The One With Eight Arms.” (Photos TK)

For a taste, head over to myspace or just stream the entire soundtrack right here courtesy the good folks at Record Collection (QT format, 15 tracks – sorry, no bonus second Flaming Lips track this go-round). At any rate, they’ve put together a great soundtrack. Spidey yourself silly & be sure to tell them SPADER-MAN sent you.