Losanjealous Benevolent Society Events: May 25 - 31

Losanjealous Benevolent Society Events: May 25 – 31

losanjealous benevolent societyThe Losanjealous Benevolent Society gathers a weekly list of strange happenings and fun events in LA–the more ridiculous, the better. Visit our events calendar for the full list. And if you’re organizing or know of an event you think belongs on the list, send us info at tips@losanjealous.com.


Peep Show
Experience an extremely rare screening of obscure underground ’60s filmmaker J.X. Williams’ “Peep Show.” Produced in Copenhagen in 1965, the film chronicles a secret history of the Kennedy administration, revealing a mafia plot to addict Frank Sinatra to heroin.

Star Wars: Celebration IV
Bringing the best of the Star Wars universe together in one place, to a weekend that’s designed by fans for fans. Through Mon 5/28.


Dean Styers: Black & White & Read All Over
The images in Dean Styers paintings may seem at first to be familiar, laden with nostalgia, but they are quickly off-set and complicated by the text which in overlaid on them. An innocent representation of a figure or object takes on an entirely new meaning with a few choice words. What results are paintings which are sometimes cynical, sometimes melancholy, and are always infused with a pop art inspired graphic sensibility. Through Sat 6/23.

Ether @ Billy Shire Fine Arts
New Paintings, Prints and Objects by Tim Biskup. For the artist’s upcoming solo exhibition, his first in the Los Angeles area since his sold out “The Push Over” in 2005, he hopes to ratchet up the intensity even further. The installation will feature a massive fiberglass and steel sculpture as it’s central figure as well as several large scale paintings, bronze and vinyl figures and a series of new prints. There will also be a sound element to the show that Biskup claims may require earplugs! Through Sat 7/7.

Lip-Synch Big Stink 4
The lip-synch contest is back! Ryan Flynn hosts as Chaz, with great new acts and judges, plus an awesome band and DJs TBA. $100 cash prize to 1st place winner, rad prizes from Chimni and more! Sign-up! All going down at Spaceland for only $5!

Salute to Cafeterias!
Our special guests are D.J. Waldie (Author: Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir) on postwar dining in the prototypical suburb of Lakewood, Charles Perry (LA Times Food Writer and president, Culinary Historians of Southern California) on the origin of the species: the first cafeterias in Los Angeles, Chris Nichols (Los Angeles magazine editor and author of “The Leisure Architecture of Wayne McAllister”) on the architect McAllister and his mid-century restaurants.; ALSO joining us will be special guest Robert Clinton, third generation owner of this grand and glorious restaurant.

Timothy Hull : Life is Real Only Then When I Am @ Taylor De Cordoba
Through a wide range of media, Hull explores the dynamics of the cult of personality, the plausibility of esoteric knowledge, notions of orientalism, charismatic icons, diagrams and mysticism. The gallery will host an opening reception for the artist on Saturday May 26th from 6 – 9PM. Through Sat 6/23.

Vertigo @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Hitchcock’s most haunting and surreal film is perhaps his greatest. Please join us for this special screening below (and above) the stars. DJ Jun spins before and after the screening. And as a courtesy to other movie-goers: NO TALL CHAIRS.


Charles Phoenix’s Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles
Rediscover Downtown with tour guide Charles Phoenix…It’s like a theme park! In fact, the similarities between Downtown Los Angeles and Disneyland are staggering.

Choppercabras Spring Thing
We will do the events as follows: Midget Devil-Take the Hindmost race, The Hands of Armageddon Race of Doom!, the Demolition Derby, the bike ride, the return, go home. Wear a Cowboy or Indian costume of some sort. Yes dress up, it will be ok; you can still be cool and dress up.


200 Troubled Teenagers @ The Standard Downtown
Featuring Patrick O’Dell’s photographs of young skateboarders and Angela Boatwright’s images of teenage heavy metal fans from all across the globe. “An incredible cross section of independent, free-thinking youth, representing the future of anti-hero culture.” 7-10pm. RSVP: downtownlarsvp@standardhotel.com

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