Craptastic Cell Phone Photo of the Week: The New Generation Is High To Glue To Fuck The Type Quickly

As a non-subtle reminder Losanjealous constantly mines, sorts and processes the cruddiest cell phone photos ever taken, weekly, for your cheap enjoyment. Friday, the week’s most egregious is bestowed the honor CRAPTASTIC CELL PHONE PHOTO OF THE WEEK.

This week’s winner comes from our very own Jeannette, as she travels abroad:

Unbeatable Chingrish…Katrina M found this. She cameraphone’d it to me. It’s on a tub of glue….and try as I might for the rest of my life, I don’t think I can ever beat this.

After the jump, photo submission instructions and two incredibly shitty cell phone photos taken by yours truly at last night’s Hammer Museum concert featuring Foreign Born & Great Northern. ARE YOU IN THE PHOTO? …

Massive Queue Outside

Foreign Born: View From Above

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