Last-Minute Giveaway: The Locust @ Knitting Factory: Win Tickets Now

At this time we’re going to throw out some tickets to see The Locust support their latest offering New Erections at the Knit this Sunday. Main room, four bands, doors at 7pm. Lineup includes The Locust, Upsilon Acrux, Yip Yip, Sleeping People. Natch, it’s a KXLU Presents affair. Should be a great night filled with costumes and dissonance. Allmusic’s bio lede reads thusly:

Innovative, controversial, and frighteningly loud, the Southern California rock band the Locust has been called the future of hardcore punk by more than a few people. Critics and underground hardcore fans alike have argued for and against the band, citing in their debates the destructive tendencies of the Locust’s intensely loyal fan base, insane stage antics, seemingly nonsensical lyrics, and questionable taste in merchandise.

Full lineup details here; tickets still available here.

Contest closed; winners have been contacted.