Reader Picks 2007: Your Favorite Breakfast

’losanjealousHey, face it. We’re not always about the music. 70, 80, 98% of the time tops. The other 2-to-20% of the time, we’re looking for food…a taco… a bathroom…a quick massage…a nice cocktail…a parking spot… Just like you. Prepare to vote on your favorite of each, calendar year 2007, starting with breakfast. My all-time personal favorite breakfasts in 2007 were held at Auntie Em’s (Eagle Rock), Millie’s (Silver Lake) and Hugo’s (West Hollywood) accordingly, in order of preference. Let’s have yours now because if there’s one thing I love in this world besides music, it’s a great breakfast.

UPDATE, 1/02/08: Polls closed; results now online.

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