Reader Picks ’07: Your Favorite Album

’losanjealousWhat a long, yet informative, journey of voting this has been for all involved (and will continue to be in the foreseeable future). Drumroll, please…

At this time we have come to the best album of 2007. Your only stipulation here is that the posted submissions must have been released in 2007. NB: “Releases” include digital releases and home pressings – the key here is to find your favorite music that was distributed in some fashion beginning in 2007. And much as we hate to be heavies, this list will be monitored and releases prior to 2007 as well as blatant self-promotion entries will be removed before we publish the results.

So then. Let’s have it.

UPDATE, 12/31: Polls closed; results now online.

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Thank you for being a part of Losanjealous Reader Picks, soon a perennial classic on bookshelves nationwide.