Reader Picks ’07: Your Favorite Cocktail

’readerBoozers take heed; this one is sort of important. It’s cocktail time. We would like to know the name of your favorite drink in town. This must be a drink you can purchase in a bar, restaurant or club, so we’ll need to know both the name of the drink, the name of the establishment and, if applicable, the name of the bartender.

NB Live Music Lovers: Best Venue will come separately; refer to our previous research for both polls if applicable.

UPDATE, 12/31: Polls closed; results now online.

Don’t see your fave on the list? Add a cocktail to the list using ’Add An Answer’ if it’s not already there, so others can vote on your choice. Elaborate on your choices in the comments when necessary, and lobby others for their votes.

Refresh by clicking ’VOTE AGAIN’ and vote as many times as you like; if you go to that much trouble to champion your cause, chances are good you mean what you say. We won’t tell a soul you’re stuffing the ballot box.

Thank you for being a part of Losanjealous Reader Picks, soon a perennial classic on bookshelves nationwide.