Vampire Weekend Debut Album Drops; Amazon Reviewer Responds Favorably (After ‘Chris Martin of Coldplay Fame’ Tells Him To)

’VWVampire Weekend’s debut album dropped today. Review one of one at press time on online merchant Amazon’s website reads as follows:

Look Out!!! This band could go places., January 29, 2008

I didn’t hear about this band until today. I saw the CD at Target and skipped over it because I had no idea who they were. Then as I was watching E! News, I heard a review of the album and how Chris Martin of Coldplay fame was a big fan. I thought, how could I go wrong? After listening to the samples of the songs on this site, I went back out to by it just before Target closed. After listening to the first few tracks, I feel this band could really go somewhere if they can get any airplay on the independent stations around the country. The CD seems to be fairly short though, so get it while it is still under $10. I can’t wait to see where this band goes!!!!!!! [link]

Our jaded, music-blog-comment-reading sensibilities initially smelled an ironic phony…but then we discovered he’s using his “real name” — Amazon’s way of saying “we basically think this guy is legit (though we aren’t any more sure than you at the end of the day).” Let it be legit, then! Somebody call Chris Martin so we can get these Vampire Weekend guys on the air. Apparently they are good. In other news, in the time it took to write this post Amazon appears to have further chipped away at its remaining stock: the album is now on that dreaded “Usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks” back-order status. Note to Amazon-browsing Martin allegiance: try area Target.

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