The Donnas @ Crash Mansion, 2/06/08

I crashed the mansion again, arriving this time while Gabe Aranda was playing his guitar with his shoe…that’s right, his shoe. Aranda, a rock band from Oklahoma City, closed with a ’’Dazed and Confused’’ Zeppelin jam that would’ve made your mama cry. Their album comes out in April, and they do the Myspace.

Waiting for the Donnas to start, I looked up and to my surprise next saw the Bee Gees…What? Did someone drop acid in my drink? Tragedy, a metal tribute to the Bee Gees were a musical version of a Saturday Night Live skit with skills and full vintage apparel. More cowbell, please. More surprises: Ricky Fitness of the Aquabats stepped on stage for a minute to shred on a sweet guitar – he played upside down – and made it look so easy it hurt.

I’d never seen The Donnas live before, but longtime Donnas fan Carmen Coblentz, who was bummed they didn’t include “It’s Too Bad About Your Girl” from Spend the Night in their set, assured me they rocked – and rock they did. Guitarist Allison shreds, channeling Slash. These girls are awesome, they have fun and want everyone else to feel the same energy, which is why lead singer Brett Anderson said to the audience ’’I think you all should drink twice as much as you have already, right now, it’s just a suggestion.”

Don’t Wait Up
Who Invited You
Fall Behind Me
What Do I Have To Do
Smoke You Out
Girl Talk
Get Me High
Like An Animal
5 O’clock

Round and Round (Ratt cover)
Take it off

Stephen Pearcy of Ratt came out during the encore to sing “Round and Round.” His current guitarist played a solo, too.

I had way too much fun at this show, and assure you I will do it again!
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