Super Furry Animals @ Echoplex, February 9, 2008

Super Furry Animals @ Echoplex, February 9, 2008



The Super Furry Animals have amassed quite a collection of excellent songs. So many in fact that they felt comfortable with having fans vote online for which songs should be included in the set for this tour. But, like any band with an impressive collection of songs, how does one go about choosing, and who should one go to for advice? I’ve been historically bad at making mixtapes/CDs, tending to string way too many hit singles consecutively (like those boring ’Best of’ & Greatest Hits albums that just sit on your shelf) instead of spacing them out judiciously. Needless to say I didn’t get my act together in time for voting. The farthest I got was making the following outline:

Slow Electrotechnic Openers:
1) Slow Life
2) A Touch Sensitive

The Sensitive Power Ballads:
1) The Turning Tide
2) Juxtaposed with U
3) Run-Away
4) Atomik Lust

Fast and Furious Rockers:
1) God! Show Me Magic
2) Do or Die
3) Calimero

The Epic Closers:
1) The Man Don’t Give a F*ck
2) Mountain People