Dissecting The Rock of Love 2 Reunion Fight: Who Would've Won?

Dissecting The Rock of Love 2 Reunion Fight: Who Would’ve Won?

Did you watch Rock of Love 2 this year? Of course you did. Pathetic. I did, too. The show is over, and there’ll probably be a third season. So did you pull for Ambre? Daisy? Destiney? A different contestant? It matters not. What matters is the cat fight that took place during Sunday’s reunion show (Heather assaulted Daisy), and while we unfortunately have neither the time nor patience to work up a good Venn diagram to better categorize our contestants for your educated wager, we do still wish to open the books and place our bets on who would’ve won that fight, had it run its course. We’re talking real Jerry Springer stripper fisticuff action here. You can read all about the bout here if you missed the program, but really, you probably need only turn on VH1 at any given time in the next couple of weeks in order to catch a rebroadcast (hint: it’s on right now). Incidentally, the VH1 blog links beneath this poll are priceless if you watched any portion of the show whatsoever. Do give them a look.



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