Coachella 2008: A First Look

No, I did not make it out today. I waited in Marina Del Rey all day as planned, Sandalwood Conference Room, Courtyard Marriott. Eventually the truck arrived, carrying our two new conference tables. Hey, somebody’s gotta handle the nuts and bolts. Fuck off. Still, the wait and unfortunate LES SAVY FAV dodge actually afforded me the opportunity to check out that Free Blood / Death Set / Yeasayer / No Age show inside that freaky Eastern Bloc ballroom on Melrose (photos TK). Thanks Sean, that shit was tight and I don’t mean that in a security way. Amazing bands, clientele, locale…what do you want from me. If I couldn’t be in a dusty field in the desert, well, this was the closest second.

Meantime I get this missive from Victor. We’ve got photogs running all over Indio, yet what’s the sole photo I’m greeted with? Pork nachos. Behold:

From: Victor
Class: Personal
Sent: Apr 25, 2008 8:52 PM
Subject: Pork topped nachos. Invented right here right now.


Speechless. See you out there bright and early, Saturday. Fuckers.