Clinic at The Troubadour, May 20, 2008

Clinic at the Troubadour, May 20, 2008

Reviewing a Clinic show is like having me write about my hypothetical first-born: expect a bias. However, I can say that over the years their visits to Los Angeles saw gradually smaller venues and the standard arms-crossed crowd. With the buzz surrounding latest release Do It those blasé onlookers are a thing of the past, and a cult following has formed which promises loyal attendance to any performance, even if it was on third street promenade. After 11 years as a band, the incessant inquiries about their unwavering image are gone, along with the proverbial, “You toured with Radiohead? Oh my god, how did Thom’s hair smell?” questions. On Tuesday night at the Troubadour, Do It was performed first in its entirety followed by a set of fan-favorites and an encore. Make that two encores, as the mob demanded one more song, forcing the already unmasked band to put the surgical gear back on and play once more.