Flight of the Conchords @ The Orpheum Theater, May 30, 2008

Flight of the Conchords @ The Orpheum Theater, May 30, 2008

Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords

Flight of The Conchords
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Flight of The Conchords like to talk about issues while keeping it funky. So we came up with a few issues of our own based on observations of their first of two sold out shows at Downtown’s Orpheum. I know it’s only Monday but let’s get down to business:

Have the duo become too serious to don robot costumes? Before the show I worried about missing Bret and Jemaine come out on stage in full robotic gear, and was fully prepared to run back and forth to the bar or restroom throughout the show as necessary. They actually started the show with the song Robots but in their normal stage clothes. Maybe the hi-tech outfits didn’t fit their tour budget.

Bret played Last Christmas on his keyboard and Jemaine belted Careless Whisper on his sax. The latter tune begs the serious question: Will Andrew Ridgely join George Michaels on the upcoming tour? We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Is it customary for bands to receive oral pleasure before or after the show? I believe Bret’s pre-show count was 38. Maybe they were too tired to put on the robot costumes.

Which leads to probably the question of the night… What the hell was actually written on that note? Was it really something risqué? Was Bret actually blushing? If you were the girl who threw the note on stage please speak to us and let us know.

How nice of the boys to include the lighting guy in the show. The series of exchanges between the band and the house lighting operator could have been all scripted for all we know. Or the dude could have been fired after the show.

The Grove got a mention during the show. No word if Bret and Jemaine upgraded their iPhones, shopped for American Girl clothes, or took a ride on the trolly.

Kudos to Aziz Ansari’s standup between New Zealand singer Bic Runga and Flight of The Conchords. We hope the actor/comedian who played the racist fruit vendor in season one of the Conchords HBO series will get to reprise his role in future episodes. Aziz, if you’re reading this and like the website, please text us a nice message.

How many good music/comedy duos have there been in recent history. Smothers Brothers is the earliest to come to mind. Then there’s Tenacious D of course. Any others that we’re leaving out?

Lastly, were there more Jermaniacs or Bretrosexuals in the audience? Which are there more of in the world? Who would Bono side with?