Megapuss @ Spaceland, August 11, 2008

Megapuss @ Spaceland, August 11, 2008


Megapuss followed up their debut at Hammer Museum with a performance this Monday at Spaceland. It was an opening slot for this month’s residency by Warpaint. Once again Megapuss’ two founding members Devendra Banhart and Greg Rosgrove were joined by Strokes’ drummer Fab Moretti. (This makes 2 out of 5 Strokes members who have played Spaceland this summer for those keeping count.) The group wore more subdued outfits this time around–Devendra did not reprise the penis skirt–choosing instead to don an assortment of basketball jerseys. Aziz Ansari provided guest vocals–again, minus any phallic accoutrements worn at Hammer–for “Duck People, Duck Man”. I usually find anything Aziz says hilarious and after he said the line, “We like to buy hummus from Trader Joe’s,” I couldn’t control my laughter through the rest of the song. Unable to contain his excitement, Fabrizio climbed on the bass player, jumped off Greg’s keyboards, and told the crowd, “We know we suck.”


Megapuss, Entrance Band, Citay, Sleepy Sun, Matt Baldwin Electric Band, Lemonade, Tussle, White Hills @ Fernwood Resort, Big Sur, CA (Festival In The Forest) Fri 9/26

Megapuss: Devendra Barnhart, Greg Rogove, Fab Moretti & Aziz Ansari [?–Ed.]