October 4 Totally Recommended This Year

oct 4

Say it isn’t so. We’ve just finished eating all those grilled oki-dogs in honor of the Knights of Labor, Eugene V. Debs, Gompers, railroads, socialists and that begrudging bill-signer Grover Cleveland, and already it’s time to look ahead to October? The above damning evidence surfaced courtesy our team of analysts this morning, and we have no choice but to share it with you now: October 4 is totally recommended this year. The Eagle Rock Music Festival (a freebie, lest you forget) will once again take on downtown’s Detour, head on; Iron and Wine and the Swell Season are at the Greek, and David Byrne’s still within surfing distance. Sheezus. As more shows are diligently and painstakingly added to October 4 in the days and weeks to come, rest assured we will evaluate them for the coveted “recommended” status and, provided they merit the bump, acquiesce accordingly.

» David Byrne @ Arlington Theater, Santa Barbara
» Detour Festival @ Downtown
» Eagle Rock Music Festival @ Eagle Rock
» The Swell Season w/ Iron & Wine @ Greek Theatre

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Did You Know? In a move SXSW would have no choice but to admire, The Pity Party played both Detour and Eagle Rock festivals on the same day last year, earning the title “Hardest Working Band in Los Eageles.”