Restavrant Celebrates Album Release @ Troub, Toggles Google Search Ranking

Restavrant Celebrates Album Release @ Troub, Toggles Google Search Ranking

Earlier this year, hillbilly punk duo Restaurant found themselves with a dilemma:

There are too many goddamned restaurants in Google for us to use this non-unique word as the name of our band.

Solution: Change name of the band to the decidedly more Soviet-friendly Restavrant.

Perhaps you caught the band at Mr. T’s Bowl, Echo or Tangier, back in the spring or even last year. Or maybe it was the one night per week when they actually have decent live music at Three Clubs. Maybe you even caught them at one of Little Radio Dave’s top secret Bar-B-Q parties down at South by Southwest. That’s all fine and well, but, you saw Restaurant. Not Restavrant. The name change is so new in fact, the label doesn’t even know which spelling to use at this point. Nor does myspace (check the URL). Christ! I haven’t been this confused since Daddy went Diddy.

So did the name change work? Only Google knows for sure. Find out this Friday at the Troubadour by googling “Restavrant Troubadour” and returning a disturbingly close-range image of yourself, at the Troubadour, which I will have uploaded from my perch at the bar. See you there. Watch out for flying license plates.

(UPDATE: Narnack [the band’s label] has now diligently updated the band’s bio page following our lighthearted chops-busting blog post)

Restavrant @ Troubadour (Record Release Party) Fri 9/26