You’ll Never Guess Who Just Walked In…

Note: Please welcome Moira to the fold! Moira, a confessed traveler, “soft launched” on site last week by reviewing O’Death at Spaceland. With any luck we’ll see her eating bacon-wrapped hot dogs and tripe tacos before year’s end, en route to a crucial gig someplace. I give the tripe 50/50 odds. Huzzah! -Ed

After moving around the country for a bit, I’ve finally decided to rest my bags and settle down in the city of angels. Moving to Los Angeles (as you may well be aware) is a fucking trip. But, as overwhelming as it is to move to a new city, it’s also pretty awesome. I mean, it’s not like I’m moving to Boise, here, I’m moving to LOS ANGELES.

I was waiting to get on my flight to LAX when I heard a familiar voice. I look up and I recognize that girl from EuroTrip. I was fucking stoked! I hadn’t even gotten to LA yet, and I was already spotting celebrities. Even though this chick was kind of a small fry, I was already beginning to look forward to lounging by the pool with a margarita chatting up Lauren Conrad and Perez Hilton.

But now that I’ve spotted my first celebrity here, I’ve gone a little celebrity crazy; I keep thinking I see celebrities everywhere. I thought I saw the guy from Prison Break at The Coffee Table last Monday, Michael Stipe from REM at Spaceland on Saturday, and Vincent Gallo in the parking lot at Von’s last night. I don’t know if I’m just expecting to see celebrities everywhere because that’s what LA is famous for or if I’m merely going crazy, but either way it’s a really bad way to make friends in a new town. When I think I see someone famous I just stare them down and creep them out until I realize they’re just some average Joe the Plumber like me.

But, here’s the thing: I’m pretty sure everyone in LA is at least a little bit famous. If you’re not in a band/in the acting scene you’re probably dating someone in a band/in the acting scene and you probably have a bunch of friends who kind-of-maybe-a-little-bit know that one chick in that one band/movie. So, cheers to you, LA. You’re the only city in the world where you can see six-hundred-thousand bands and actors on the silver screen and in your local Trader Joe’s at the same time.