Charles Phoenix's Slide of the Week: The Christmas Ferry of 1958, Los Angeles

Charles Phoenix’s Slide of the Week: The Christmas Ferry of 1958, Los Angeles

This slide isn’t about the flocked tabletop tree hung with tinsel and pointy pale pink ornaments that match the curtains. Or the mess of gifts both wrapped and unwrapped, including an ice-o-mat and that very odd-shaped gift doing a balancing act in the corner. This slide is about the guy wearing lipstick and matching high-heeled thongs. Well, he’s at least wearing one high heel shoe. Looks like his other foot is missing or perhaps it’s twisted sideways for dramatic effect. The red goes quite nicely with those teal trousers and black button front short-sleeved shirt with the collar turned up.

The cocktail glass he’s holding in his hand is empty. Either he just drank it all or just spilled it. Either way it’s ok because there’s another one waiting for him on the rug next to his phantom foot. And how about that cuckoo-yet-festive headpiece he has on the top of his head. Clearly it’s hand made but how and out of what I have no idea. Did he learn to weave ribbon in prison or something? And judging by the way his painted lips are open he’s having a ho-ho-ho moment!

Here’s to a high heeled, ho-ho-ho, cuckoo Christmas and YOU!

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