Reader Picks: Your Favorite Concert, 2008

Losanjealous Reader Picks: Best Concert 2008And so it begins again. As we did last year, we’re saving you the trouble of wading through a crap-ton of boring “best of” editorial lists, and instead giving you the opportunity to create your own, right here on our site. After all, this is an interactive community.

Last year the Losanjealous “best concert” poll garnered more than 145,000 total votes from humans and robots alike. With that in mind, things to remember while going crazy with this poll:

  • You don’t need 1000 signatures to get your concert on this ballot. To add a concert choice to the poll, click the “add an answer” button ONCE. When the entry field appears, enter your concert and click the “vote” button. Voila; you are done.
  • Scour the list carefully and make sure your favorite concert is NOT ALREADY LISTED before using the “add an answer” function. If you don’t do this, don’t count on us manually adding your damn votes by consolidating (as we graciously did last year)
  • Local concerts only please
  • “Best Festival” will come separately, so do please keep all your Detours Coachellas Eagle Rock Music Fests and whatnot out of the running here
  • No concert is too big; no concert is too small
  • Include the date whenever possible, particularly where multiple artist-venue pairings exist (ie, sample submission might look like: Stallone Is Eating Hot Peppers @ Spaceland, August 7 (free monday residencies but this one was the best)
  • IMPORTANT: If you don’t see your vote or choice immediately reflected, don’t panic and don’t add it again: our caching system is notoriously hardcore. Clear your cache and/or come back after a few minutes (or do both). Check thyself and refer to bullet point two above.
  • Vote as often as you like
  • Vote again, even after you stop liking
  • Stick around for the end-of-year results!

Remember, people, bragging rights for calendar year 2009 are at stake here. Without further ado…HERE WE GO (starting the proceedings with two of my personal favorites):

UPDATE, 12/31/08: Polls closed as of New Years Eve.
Happy New Year!
Did Aziz Win!?
Did Radiohead Win?
Results will be posted early 2009. Check back.