Under $10: 1739 Public House

pizzaIn this day and age one may, in fact, enjoy a frosty pint of Boont Amber Ale and an individual hand-tossed cheese pizza for the total sum of six dollars and fifty cents (US$6.50). The place where this may occor be none other than 1739 Public House in Los Feliz, boasting free cheese pizza per drinking party (3-7pm Monday-Friday, 4-7pm Sat-Sun), 40 taps of quality beer (including international trappists as well as regional stateside favorites such as Shiner Bock) and a frightening slew of bottled ales. (Quibble: Points subtracted for charging $6 minimum per glass across the board, including – gasp – PBR.) Warning! Ye aulde Publicke House has not been open long and gets extraordinarily packed after 6pm; shift that craving forward and begin drinking considerably earlier if possible. Finally, do be sure to tip, as that peculiar practice is customary with the locals and publicke houses this side of the pond. God save the Queen. Here’s a photo of that pizza (and my Amoeba bag)!

1739 Public House
1739 N Vermont, Los Feliz