Under $10: Pho Hana (South Bay)

Continuing the Vietnamese theme for Under $10: I checked out a little place tucked in the South Bay called Pho Hana. Right when I walked in, I could tell I was in for a treat –I was hit with an aggressively beefy fragrance, laced with a trace of cilantro and anise…

As is typical, the menu is mostly variations on pho with beef broth –you make your selection/combination of rare steak, flank, brisket, tendon, tripe, and meat balls. At Pho Hana, they even have a choice of “fat crispy”, which is just delightful.

The pho is served piping hot. The noodles are chewy and aren’t clumped together – a good sign. My friend ordered a extra side of rare beef and I watched her swirl each piece into the broth, the edges of the beef curling up as they cooked up against the sliced onions and chile paste…it was almost too much to take. I think I grunted. Slurping ensued.



One complaint: PH could definitely throw a few more balls in the bowls.  However, the sides were plentiful and fresh – crisp bean sprouts, sliced chilies, Asian basil and lime halves. It’s a great place for lunch – food comes out lightening quick and the service is great. I also appreciated that they offer an “M” or “L” size for their noodles. An “M” is more than enough for lunch (“L” is big enough for a head dunk) and runs about $7 with tax. Yummers.

Pho Hana
22815 Hawthorne (Torrance)
1250 Lomita Blvd (Harbor City)
South Bay