Sebastien Grainger, Knitting Factory, 26 March 2009

Sebastien Grainger, Knitting Factory, 26 March 2009

While his former DFA 1979 partner is providing the pill-taking soundtrack for young people around the world, Sebastien Grainger is playing fun, danceable rock at small venues in the US and Canada. With his band The Mountains (Nick Sewell, Leon Taheny, Andrew Scott), Grainger played most of the songs off their self-titled release, with the addition of a new track “It’s a Living.” Personal highlights were an extended version of “I Hate my Friends” and bopping to “Renegade Silence”.

The crowd
Small, dedicated, mostly white, mostly male.

The drinks

Totally unavailable. All bars at the Knitting Factory were closed that night. Though, a helpful security guard did suggest that I go to nearby Long’s Drugs, pound a beer, and return.

Opening act
I saw the last few songs of The Show is a Rainbow (a solo multimedia experience performed by Darren Keen). I have not seen anything like this before: Keen eschewed the stage in favor of singing from the middle of the dancefloor, explained one song as having been inspired by being hit in the face with other men’s penises while his mother had sex with assorted partners while he was in utero, and used the phrase “buckle the fuck up” at least 10 times. Thank you, Darren Keen.

The outfit
Before beginning his set, Grainger removed his shirt, tightened his suspenders, and affixed multicolored Ray Bans to his face. My attraction flowed as freely as his sweat.

The Plea

Sebastien, come back, play a venue that serves alcohol, and don’t play “It’s a Living” or “Niagara” to me ever again.

Set List
Love can be so Mean
Who do we care for?
I’m all the Rage
(I am Like a) River
By Cover of Night (Fire Fight)
It’s a Living
I Hate My Friends (extended)
American Names
Renegade Silence
Meet New Friends

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